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What Inspired it all

I'm a perpetual learner so always a student  Sometimes a teacher. An organic enthusiast. Passionate about herbs and herbalism.  A Bee-keeper if you can keep bees. A Chicken farmer for fresh, incredible eggs.  Master Gardener. Nature and animal lover. A certified facilitator for The Nature Process.  And, of course, some OCD.

I am a self-care advocate and in awe of all creatures also a promoter of peace with a 

compassionate and empathetic heart. I believe in harmony.  I strive to live in gratitude.  

Let us not exploit or harm.

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cousin & Friend - "friends are the family we choose", thank you to my husband, my daughter of Alani Mahina Midwifery in Kauai, all my friends and especially “the gils.” Here's a shout out to all my herbal teachers and every teacher out there.

I'm highly opposed to plastic(s) - please find alternatives.  I loathe “cides” meaning death, destruction, extermination like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides - please avoid "cides", recycle & compost for you, your family, pets and our home-this Earth. 

          I look for God in everyone and every living thing - "seek and ye shall find", Matthew 7:7.

The name, Orange Moon you ask? One September night I was soundly sleeping with my windows open, I open them every chance I get. I rolled over and peering in my window was our beautiful, graceful, loving, full Orange Moon. She whispered her name “Orange Moon".  I adored her brilliance, felt her loving calm, marveled at her clarity and magnificence.  I gently fell back to sleep.  Thoughts of her came me throughout the next day but I brushed them off.

Then, she visited me again the next night in the same subtle way.  Yet she seemed bigger taking up the entire window. Brilliant orange, same tranquil presence and again she whispered "Orange Moon".

This night I was more curious and intrigued. I could see her suspended just above the silhouettes of the tree tops who seemed to be reaching out for her magic and greater good.   I felt the comfort and strength of her grandmotherly love. I thanked her.  I gently fell back into a peaceful sleep. The next morning I knew part of the name of a business I would start.

It was my grandson T who brilliantly through the process of elimination and deduction helped me choose "apothecary" for;

      Orange Moon Apothecary.

Photo credits (the creative ones) go to J, my surfer/photographer grandson.